Howard's Way Ahead

Onto a Good Spring!

Howard’s Way Ahead – by Howard Spring

Today I discovered that Jeff is always up for a morning rough and tumble because good things really do come in small packages, that everyone is a good sport about the morning rough and tumble game on top of them, that Human will let me tear up tissue paper to my heart’s content and that’s a good deal, that I really do enjoy nothing more than a good egg, that my kitties have shown me that friendship is all in good time, that as long as I keep sharing treats I will be in the kitties’ good books, that the kitties have shown me that it’s important to give good to others so that they too will give as good as they get, that I’ve gone from “good for nothing” to (almost) as good as gold, that I have made a good many new friends, that I’ve possibly never had it so good, that this may indeed be the good life, that my favourite thing of all is when Human says I’m such a good boy.

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