Howard's Way Ahead

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Day-Time

Howard’s Way Ahead – by Howard Spring

Today I discovered that no matter how many toys we have dismembered on the Lookout Library floor it is sometimes more fun just to play with a cardboard folder, that the floor of the Lookout Library looks much better now covered in toy carnage, that I love to sleep in Leo’s Thinking Chair in the Lookout Library, that Bulldog Drummond will join me on the roof for some gardening but draws the line at zoomies, that the squirrels have taken over the back garden, that Lora Logic cannot stop staring at the squirrels in the back garden, that staring at squirrels is now a shared interest with Lora Logic, that a watched squirrel will never Conan Doyle and that’s a good thing.

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