Howard's Way Ahead

Ribbies and Laundry and Baths! (Oh My!)

Howard’s Way Ahead – by Howard Spring



Today I discovered that I like my pillows best if they are in fact many pillows and piled in a tower, that sometimes you need to stand on a Ribbie to get a good grip on it, that I like Human to hold my Ribbie so that I can get a good grip on it, that I like to eat my Ribbie in Human’s lap, that Ribbies make me so happy that I start playing with my Ribbie like a toy, that I like to pick up and throw my Ribbie at Aubrey to get him to play too, that Jeff then steals the Ribbie and ends that game, that Jeff will share the Ribbie with me anyway, that this becomes a new game, that I like to watch Human load the washing machine, that I made most of the washing in the washing machine, that one day I will jump in the bath while Human is in it …

What a day!

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