Howard's Way Ahead

Getting Way Ahead

Howard’s Way Ahead – by Howard Spring

Today I discovered that a watched boiled egg never cools, that Lora Logic is the boss of me, that Lora Logic doesn’t eat egg so she doesn’t want to share, that Lora Logic resents me anyway, that tummy rubs are amazing, that shoulder rubs are a close second, that zoomies are a family affair, that some toys are better in pieces, that Jeff can dismantle a Christmas squeaking pig in seconds, that zoomies with a Christmas pig’s former squeaker tube are out of this world, that the Christmas movies are way ahead of schedule, that the Christmas movies are always sparkly, that the Christmas movies have lots of red and green, that I can see at least half the festive colour scheme but all the sparkles, that Santa is coming and he’s bringing reindeer!

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