That's Jeffervescent!

In Living Memory

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane

This strange and spiky green ball was one of Finnegan’s favourite toys. He never ever damaged it, but he played with it all the time.

You may of course know that Howard and I really like to enjoy a full and frequently destructive relationship with our toys. And yet we have never so much as punctured this one.

It is like we can remember Finnegan by sharing the play with him.

This toy is as good as a message from a wonderful hound that we never got to meet. Play is such an important part of life. It’s really how we learn, how we relax, how we become the best grown-ups we can be! So being able to play with a piece of Finnegan’s history is very special indeed.

Some clever scientists are now saying that the act of remembering can change memories. So in having fun with the toy, I think we are actually taking part in recalling Finnegan’s memories. Even though we never got to meet him.

So I like to think of that like this. I think playing with Finnegan’s toy makes new memories of Finnegan, with Finnegan, with us. We bring Finnegan to life.

And so, I love this little toy. Although Howard and I never got to meet Finnegan, here he is, coming out to play. Now that’s Jeffervescent!


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