30 for 30

Blossom Blooms!

I’m Blossom and my personality is huge!

Humans are incredibly interested in personality. They are always trying to turn it into a catchy name. In my last post I told you all about the Five-Factor Model and what it says about me (that’s the important bit). And this time I am going to tell you about a whole new one! That’s right! Six is the new five.

I am talking about the HEXACO model. I agree with the experts, I think it is much better, because there is a whole new category in which to talk about me.

First, there’s the H factor – honesty and sincerity. Well, obviously, I am a dog. Just ask Frank about honesty and sincerity. Although apparently greed avoidance is also an aspect of the H factor. I think that needs to be re-tested. Or swept under the carpet. Or perhaps put at the back of the cupboard. Behind the treats.

The E factor is all about emotions and controlling them. Sometimes my emotions get the better of me, especially if someone tries to take my treats and my stuff. But a lot of that is really my fear that I will never get my stuff back. And that’s what the E factor is about, it is about anxiety and fearfulness. Like if someone tries to take my stuff.

Then there is the X factor. Yes, the X factor is actually just one of 6 factors. Move over, Simon Cowell, having just one X is so last year. The X factor is for extroversion (aren’t humans funny?). It’s basically about self-esteem and social life. Well, my self-esteem has taken a bit of a hit, I’m in rescue after all. But I am getting more confident and, as long as no-one tries to take my stuff, I am very happy indeed.

The A factor is all about agreeableness. My rescuers say I am an absolute pleasure to take for a walk. As long as no-one tries to take my stuff, I am very agreeable.

The C factor stands for conscientiousness, which apparently is about perfection. Obviously I excel in this category. Especially if I am getting my treats.

And O? Openness to experience of course! I am curious, clever, and a creative little bundle of fun.

So that’s my personality, in a HEXACO. It’s nowhere near as complicated as it first looked. Once again, the answer to everything is treats!

I am wondering if Cambridge Aspidistra is compiling my posts on my personality and will start sending me a lot of advertising for food delivery businesses. And stuff. Lots of advertising for stuff. Which reminds me, just don’t try and take my stuff.

If you want to find out why dogs with big personalities make the best friends, then please contact Glendee Dogs to adopt me! And just in case you didn’t get the message, make sure you bring the treats!


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