30 for 30

Blossom Blooms

I’m Blossom and I have a big personality!

My first humans were boring and could not cope with my personality, so they gave up on fun and they gave up on me and I ended up in rescue.

Fortunately for me, my rescuers have recognised me for what I am. Intelligent, beautiful, and a pleasure in social engagements (walks in the park mostly, but I’m working on that invitation to  tea at The Ritz).

And I’ve done some research on this personality question. The BBC (which stands for Blossom’s Broadcasting Corporation) actually did a big quiz on personality quiz (and not the one that gives all your data to Cambridge Aspidistra, or whatever it was called). They talked about five personality traits – openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

Openness is about opening yourself to new experiences, and I have welcomed all these new experiences of walks and treats. I am obviously very open.

I am also very organised. I plan ahead and make sure no-one can get to my treats. I am clearly very conscientious, especially about keeping everyone else away from my treats.

Extroversion is apparently about how likely you are to feel positive about things and like to try new and exciting things. Well I always feel very positive emotions when I eat treats, and I am very willing to try new treats. I must be quite an extrovert.

Agreeableness is a bit like empathy and how well you make friends. I don’t really like change, so perhaps I am not so much agreeable as I am focused … especially focused on my treats.

Finally, neuroticism is a lot about how I react when things are a bit stressful or threatening. I am a little unsure of people at first. I need people who are willing to take their time and get to know me. That doesn’t mean I am neurotic, that just means humans are weird. I am of the view that it is better to be certain of things, especially if those things are human. That probably takes me back to openness. Maybe I should clarify my answer to that one. And humans should bring treats when they come to meet me. Really, the answers to all these questions are treats … this quiz is silly.

The main thing, however, is that I have a big personality. Huge! If you would like a little dog with a huge personality, then please contact Glendee Dogs to adopt me! And make sure you bring the treats!


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