30 for 30

The Roxy!

I’m Roxy the punk. I mean Pug.

I live a punk rock lifestyle. My role models are Siouxsie Sioux, Palmolive, and the Pug who stars in the Vodafone commercial.

I am a bit of an anarchist. I chase birds into the sides of buildings. Well, they fly away and I run into the side of the building. Very rock and roll.

If I see animals on TV that’s when I give my best punk performances. I tend to shout my lyrics at the animals. Mostly I am commenting on important political issues, such as, why are there animals inside my TV? Are those cats or bears? My punk rock lifestyle also means I should probably have my new home to myself (I’m more of a solo artist than a backing singer). Oh, and I cannot live with cats … or bears.

I may be punk but I am also very romantic, new romantic even. Don’t think my punk rock sass means I don’t want a cuddle. If I had my way, I would cuddle you for days.

If you would like to adopt your very own punk princess, please contact Friends of the Animals Wales … just ask for Roxy.



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