30 for 30

Dark Matters, with Smurf

I’m Smurf. And I’m afraid of the dark.

A man called Sigmund Freud said that fear of the dark is actually caused by separation anxiety disorder. And he must have known what he was talking about because he liked dogs, especially his Chow Chow, Jofi. Well, Freud’s theory makes absolute sense to me, because I was literally left in the dark. I was abandoned by my first owners, tied to a gate, and left there.

Luckily my rescuers found me and saved me but my awful experience has left me afraid of the dark. Fear is not a great thing, but it is a way we all protect ourselves from the unknown. It makes us watchful and sometimes a bit anxious for the danger that might be around the corner. But I am getting a lot of love and help from my rescuers, so that a lot more of my world is becoming known instead of unknown. You might even say that humans no longer keep me in the dark!

Could you be my ray of light? Please contact Glendee Dog Rescue to adopt me. Together we could trip the light fantastic. Really fantastic!


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