30 for 30

Frankly Speaking

Frank. as I see it, is a perfect name for a dog.

Why, you ask? Because frank means straightforward, it means candid and honest. I’m not saying that a dog doesn’t need to play a trick here and there, especially to get a treat. But if we need to tell you how we are feeling you can be sure we will be honest about it. So when I am feeling a little nervous, I am telling you the truth. That’s why I am so grateful to my rescuers who are giving me the time to build my confidence.

Frank, as I see it, is a perfect name for a dog, because frank also means sincere. And if there is one thing I think humans cannot doubt, it is the sincerity of dogs. And even though I am a bit nervous, even though I get a little bit excited when I see other dogs, even though I am still learning about the world, your patience is appreciated. The one thing about me you can be certain of is that my love is sincere.

Yes. Frank, as I see it, is a perfect name for me.

If you would like one of the all-round good guys in your life, then please contact Glendee Rescue to adopt me!



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