30 for 30

Frankly Speaking

Frank, as I see it, is a perfect name for a dog.

In my first instalment I explained that Frank means honest and sincere. Obviously, Frank is a perfect name for a dog. And in my second instalment, I told you the story of one of the most famous animal lovers of all time, who just happened to be called Frank! (And otherwise known as St Francis). Yes, Frank certainly is a perfect name for a dog.

Frank was also the name of another famous dog lover, Frank Sinatra. And legend has it that when his daughter Tina was a little girl, she asked him where heaven was. And he answered, “Heaven is where all the animals go.” When Frank Sinatra died he was buried with a lot of mementoes, including a dog biscuit given by Tina, “for dad’s love of the little critters.”

If you would like to share heaven on earth with me, please contact Glendee Rescue to adopt me!




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