30 for 30

A Betty Life!

My guide to a Betty life!

In this, my third instalment of A Betty Life, I am going to talk about the importance of the little things.

As you may know from my previous instalments, I came into rescue with my pals Frank and Cooper and our rescuers were very caring and kept us all together to make things a little easier. Being together was something we were used to, and staying together was practical. Our friendship was one of our little habits in life, and it was one that our rescuers recognised. This meant we have all been free to build our confidence from a place of familiarity, our place with each other. And now we are confident enough to set off individually on our next adventure, our own homes!

Being together means we have been able to use the good habit of familiar faces to help us change any bad habits. Not that we have any, but all three of us are still a bit nervous and shy, we are still learning to walk on a lead, still learning about traffic, and people, and life! And the more we learn about the good habits of life, the happier we get, every single day!

It’s a little thing, but it’s been a great thing. As our pal Huw Le Lytle would say, it’s all the little things that are important.

If you would love to share the little things with me, then please contact Glendee Rescue to adopt me! It really will be a great thing.


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