That's Jeffervescent!

Take Out, Take Away, Take On Me!

That’s Jeffervescent! – By Jefferson Airplane


Every day, sometimes several times a day, papers come through our door. And you know how I feel about paper. But the ones that really get my attention are delivery menus.

Pizza menus are my main staple. I like to shred them thoroughly if I get the chance. They are the high end of delivery menus, because they are usually bigger and have at least 3 folds. So shredding is twice as complicated and three times as fun. In fact, pizza menus are almost as good as cardboard takeaway coffee trays. Almost, but not as good. Don’t be ridiculous.

But why pizza menus? Thai menus have gone untouched, Indian menus remain intact, even Italian menus escape. I think it’s because I don’t want to pass judgment on national cuisine. I am a terrier of the world! I mean, part of me came from the Scottish Borders and Northumberland, part of me from Yorkshire, via Wales, now living in London. Oh yes, almost forgot, and I’ve been to Brighton! So you can see, I am very cosmopolitan. So I think it’s all about food categories. And as it turns out, I am a pizza purist.

Or maybe it’s all the wonderful pictures. They certainly do go to a lot of trouble with some of these menus. So realistic! (But they do all kind of look the same, if I’m honest). Come to think of it, I may be a womble. It’s true. From some angles I even look a bit like Stepney.

But really, I’m just looking out for everyone. Move over Jamie Oliver, Jefferson Airplane’s food revolution is tearing take away apart!

Pizza menu munch? That’s Jeffervescent!

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