That's Jeffervescent!

Dishwasher Safe

That’s Jeffervescent! – By Jefferson Airplane



There is something in the kitchen, which I love. It is the dishwasher.

The dishwasher really fascinates me. It is such a mystery! I can see that it is a gateway to something. But to what?

It’s shiny, so it must be something good. And it is wet, just like an English summer. So I am guessing the gateway must lead to something in between – perhaps an English summer with a fully loaded Kindle. Although, as you know, I’m old school when it comes to books. But I could try “reading” a Kindle if asked.

But whatever is through the door of the dishwasher, I need to know. When the door is opened it is all I can do to stop myself climbing in to investigate.

Human tells me that growing up, one of Human’s cats broke a total of three dishwasher doors while using them as a launch pad to the dishwasher dimension. So I don’t think I can convince Human to let me in. And what if I go in and I can’t get out again? I know how that can end, I’ve just watched the whole season of Stranger Things, so I’m not taking any chances!

But if it’s dull as dishwater, why do I want to go in so much? My soap sense says the dishwasher is a gateway to a world of thrills and sensations. I’ve heard all manner of stories already, like the dish ran away with the spoon. No wonder I laughed.

Anyway, it seems the dishwasher will keep its suds secrets. And its door.

What do I think of the dishwasher? That’s Jeffervescent!

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