30 for 30

4 Minute Milo!

I’m Milo, and I stand out a Milo!

I am a Springer Spaniel X Poodle, which means I can bounce higher and faster than a superball. Which is probably just as well, because I have had to bounce back from a bit of a bad start in life. My story? The pretty puppy, the usual dreams, the big mistakes. And unfortunately now I am paying for them.

But like I said, I am bouncing back and I am bouncing back in a big way! I get very nervous and anxious quite easily, so my rescuers are helping me build my confidence and I am starting to see that not all humans are unpredictable and impatient. My first humans were so confusing. I don’t understand why they would suddenly get angry. And as far as I could tell it would come out of nowhere, because it certainly made no sense to me. I wasn’t sure what they were angry about. Was it how I sat? How I spoke? How I looked? Was it something I did then? Did five minutes ago? Did yesterday? I could never work out what they were trying to tell me. And eventually I just started to get so worried and panicked by every move they made. But my rescuers are talking to me in a language I understand. My language! They are kind and patient and are showing me what to do, not jumping on me for things I don’t even know I’m doing. And that is helping me so very much.

I’m Milo. And I am outstanding. In fact, I stand out a Milo! If you are also outstanding, please contact Glendee Rescue to adopt me!



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