30 for 30

Gessy’s Joys

One of my greatest joys in life is a walk.

I  am so happy on a walk. The sights, the smells, the sounds. It isn’t just happiness, it is sheer joy.

Walks are very good for me too. Getting fit is one thing. Staying healthy is another. But feeling absolutely joyful is supreme!

Yes, walking might make me healthy, but the best thing of all is that joy comes on every walk with me!

There’s a famous poem by a man called William Henry Davies, called Best Friend. If dogs are humankind’s best friend, then I wonder if this poem is about dogs. From the first few lines, I would think maybe yes:

Now shall I walk
Or shall I ride?
“Ride”, Pleasure said;
“Walk”, Joy replied.

Now shall you adopt me, or shall you pass buy? “Adopt me,” Joy replied.
Please contact Friends of the Animals Wales to give Gessy all the joy in the world.

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