30 for 30

Picture Esk

I’m Esk! And I’m as pretty as a picture!

Picture this. Sitting on the sofa together, watching a box set and sharing a cuddle. Cuddles like that might be new to me, but I am settling into them very well indeed.

Picture this. You’ve had a bad day, but I am there, chin on your knee, ready to offer you all the support you might need.

Picture this. You’ve had a great day! And together we celebrate with cuddles and games!

Picture this. Walking around the neighbourhood, meeting new people, stopping for a chat, introducing me to people you may never have even met before.

Picture this. Going to sleep with a very grateful, loving, and sweet Lurcher girl, by your side or snoozing on your feet, stealing the blankets and sending your legs numb. Wouldn’t that be just the best picture in the world?

Picture this. Picture Esk.

If you would like to paint this picture, please contact Glendee Rescue to adopt me!



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