30 for 30

Super Duper Mr Cooper!


adjective  su·per-du·per \ ˈsü-pər-ˈdü-pər \

 : of the greatest excellence, size, effectiveness, or impressiveness

I’m Cooper, and I’m so super I’m even in the dictionary.

I am super duper Mr Cooper. This means that I am “extremely pleasing, impressive” (well, yes of course). It also means that I am “good, fine, marvellous” … need I go on?
I am a Golden Retriever X Standard Poodle. This means that I am big and shaggy and amazing. Super even.
My exciting new world has been getting more interesting every day. I think I have pretty much mastered the art of the walk. And I am definitely an accomplished cuddler. All in all I am doing very well since I came into rescue. Super even.
Everything these days is super. Superfood, Super Bowl, Superdry, superpowers, supermarkets … me. And the only movies being made are all about superheroes. I am not just a dictionary definition. I am a whole social revolution!
If you would like to supercharge your life, then please contact Glendee Rescue to adopt me. It will be amazing! Super even.


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