30 for 30

As Nice as Pie

My name is Pie. And I am as nice as.

Sometimes I wish I had been called Hot Cake, because I hear they are very popular and go quickly, and I have been waiting a while for a new home. But I am not called Hot Cake. I am Pie. And I’m as nice as.

Perhaps Hot Cake wouldn’t be such a good name, given that I am not really that quick on my feet. As you may know, I am a little slower with my CDM, but the slow movement is taking the world by storm (a very slow and quiet storm), so I am actually ahead of the crowd, not at the back.

But don’t let my CDM put you off. My wonderful rescuers, Glendee Rescue, are ready to support my adopters. They are as nice as pie as well.

So if you would like to live with one of the sweetest and most handsome dogs around, please contact Glendee Rescue to adopt me. I don’t want to be just your Pie in the sky dream, I want to be the cutie Pie on your sofa!


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