30 for 30

Johnno, The Sky’s the Limit!

Double Your Sunny! With me, it’s nothing but sunshine!

I am such a super dog, everyone says that with me the sky’s the limit!

And I have just found out that I even have my own TV show. It was a game show. And it was before I was born. But obviously if you read enough Stephen Hawking you should know that such things are no reason it can’t be all about me.

The basic way the show works is that you answer questions and the prize gets better with every right answer. For instance … Would I be allowed to sleep on the bed? Answer, yes. Would I get lots of treats? Answer, yes. Would I be the apple of your eye? Answer, yes. Can you adopt me? Answer, yes! As you can see, the questions aren’t very difficult, so if you adopt me you will clearly be a winner!

And the show is based on an earlier show called Double Your Money. With every correct answer, the prize goes up! And if you get the answer wrong, you lose everything.

But if you answer correctly, then you can double your sunny, because I am one of the sunniest fellows around!

Double Your Sunny and try to get rich,

Double Your Sunny, without any hitch,

Double Your Sunny, it’s your lucky day,

Double Your Sunny, and take me away!

So, if you want to win big, then please contact Lozza’s Lurcher Rescue to adopt me!


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