30 for 30

Falcor’s Land Beyond Imagination

I am trying very hard to imagine my new home. But so far, that’s what it still is. Imagined.

I am not sure why I am still here. I am very handsome, some say I am even stunning! But not in the knock you over and you see stars kind of stunning. They mean stunning as in lost for words at my amazing handsomeness.

But I never give up, good luck will find me.

I am not only handsome, I am also funny. That’s right, I am not just about my good looks. I love water and I love my wading pool. And in summer, if for some crazy reason it is empty, I carry it around so that someone can fill it for me. But don’t worry. I know luck dragons can’t go underwater. That’s why it is just a wading pool. But despite my sense of humour, still no human has offered me a home.

But I never give up. And I know good luck will find me. And it may even fill my wading pool!

And just like my namesake, I have known neglect and I have been forgotten. But I survived! And just like my namesake, I save everyone from sadness. From my big smile to my glorious tail, I can’t help but make you happy. And it just so happens, nothing makes me happier too.

So, I will never give up. I know good luck will find me. So if you would like to see how happy we can be together, please contact Glendee Dog Rescue to adopt me!


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