30 for 30

From Tommy, with Love

I’m Tommy and I live life to the love!

I am a Spanish Podenco which means I have the most amazing smile.

Some people even say my smile is one of my best features. And some say my smile is a sign of just how strong I am. I had a terrible time in Spain and I ended up in kennels before being rescued and brought to the UK. But I still smile and smile. My foster human says that I am a marvel the way I just throw myself into everything with such enthusiasm. But I say every moment is going to be a great one. That’s the Tommy way!

And I also say that my smile is a sign of just how much I love everything. I love gardening, I love squirrels, I love dogs … and I love my rescuers. And I love to make them smile.

If you would like make me smile, please contact Lozza’s Lurcher Rescue to adopt me!


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