30 for 30

Good Attentions, with Teifi

I love attention. So it is quite lucky that I get a lot of it.

It’s not all down to my good looks. Although I think they are hard to deny. I am quite a handsome fellow. I hear this a lot. And not just from me. And I like to keep myself fashionable with good hair styling. I like a classic Teddy Bear cut, because I think it goes with everything. I am already rocking a very stunning all white outfit, so I don’t think I need to clutter my look with an edgy haircut. So now all I need is that sofa and my look will be complete. I am 12 going on puppy, so don’t expect a couch potato. I am more of a park pudding.

To adopt me and shower me with the attention I so richly deserve, please contact Friends of the Animals Wales. But you had better be prepared for all the attention!


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