30 for 30

Kika’s Tail of Adventures

My tail has a lot to say and even more to do.

I use my tail to tell everyone when I’m happy, when I’m scared, when I want to play, when I think the treat in their hand might be the most amazing treat ever.

This week my tail hasn’t stopped talking. It has thanked some nice humans for walking me. And it has thanked some other nice humans for treats. My tail has stood up with joy, but it has also gone flat with sadness. Because I am still in kennels. And I have been here nearly a year.

So this week my tail has also said to everyone who has walked past, please stop, please say hello, please consider me, please take me home. Please.

Because if you really want an adventure, if you really want to bring my tail to life, then please contact Terrier SOS UK to adopt me. And then you will really know how wonderful it is to live to tell the tail.


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