30 for 30

He’s Got Neymar Eyes

The eyes have it.

I am told I have the most beautiful eyes anyone has ever seen. That’s quite the compliment. In fact, I have heard that if you look at any list of the most beautiful eyes, I am right there, right after Cary Grant.

But my beautiful eyes also tell a sad story. My humans left me at the vet with a broken leg. They didn’t want me back. Luckily for me the vet called Glendee Dog Rescue and they came to my aid. So my eyes are starting to sparkle again.

One thing that makes my eyes sparkle is food! I am picky though, don’t get me wrong. But I like choice. I like to be offered a new menu every day. No day in day out for me.

But the thing that would really make my eyes sparkle is to find a home. I would like a human that doesn’t leave me at the vet. I would like a human that loves to be with me. Maybe we could sit an enjoy a dog-friendly buffet together. And watch Cary Grant movies!

If you are the one to make my eyes sparkle, please contact Glendee Dog Rescue to adopt me!



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