30 for 30

Blossom Blooms!

I have a big personality.

My personality is so big, that my first humans were too boring for it. They wanted me for my looks, but they never appreciated my personality.

It’s not that I’m contrary, or ill-tempered. In fact, I am very good with other dogs. Unless they want my stuff. I don’t like anyone wanting my stuff. I am very particular about that. They call it resource guarding. I call it taking care of Blossom. I’m working on it though. I don’t want my personality overshadowed by any claims that I’m self-serving. I’m really not. I just don’t want anyone taking my stuff. Wikihow says I should confront the individual who’s taking my stuff. Which I do. And then get a guardian involved. Which invariably happens. And then, if I haven’t got stuff which I can share (which I assure you I do not), hide my stuff. Finally it says to get a lock. I suspect that might be me when I give anyone touching my stuff a filthy look. Anyway, my rescuers say Wikihow is not very good at dog training, or anything much at all, so I am working on alternatives strategies. Like relaxing and going with the flow. I might check out Wikihow on how to relax …

But back to my personality, it’s just brilliant. Some say I have “the look”. But most say I have the personality! And my new human won’t just want me for my looks. My new human will love me for my personality.

If you would like to match personalities with me, please contact Glendee Dog Rescue to adopt me!

Oh, and children need not apply. Children take your stuff.



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