Be That Dog Down Under!

No Sweat!

A sporting life with Yum Yum!

The Dog Walk

IMG_7217Every day in the park I come out swinging and head straight to the dog walk. Fortunately they can’t move the goal posts, because it’s bolted to the ground, so I can hit the ground running (is there any other way?) and push straight over the goal line.

The dog walk is a game of two halves … going up and coming back down again. Sometimes I lose possession. Sometimes a dog or even a human runs interference. But most of the time I own the game and finish a match winner.

Now, most dogs would run straight over the dog walk. But I think the real fun is in an unscheduled stop. Why keep the ball rolling when you can stop and smell the sunshine? Because there’s nothing finer than to enjoy some stoppage time on the dog walk. And just when you might think it’s all over, then I run down again.

I’m a dog, I always win by a nose.



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