Be That Dog Down Under!

Places for Benny to Sit

By Benny

I like to sit on the verandah. From the verandah I can see the rainbow lorikeets, the honeyeaters, the brush turkeys, and my friend Pluto. Pluto lives across the street. And we like to share details about our day with each other. We are like two boys with walkie talkies. Except we don’t have walkie talkies. Just talkies.

From the verandah I can also object to people who wear high-visibility workwear, walk too quickly, talk too loudly, or are just plain suspicious. I object just once or twice, of course, but I think I make my point. And most of the time they are quite baffled. They think the floorboards are barking at them, because I’m so short they can’t see me. I am very stealthy, even if I waddle when I walk and look a little bit like a wombat. My methods work. I like to think I make the world a safer, quieter place (except for when I’m objecting, of course).


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