Bedlington Steps to Happiness

The Value of a Good Pillow

Huw Le Lytle’s …

Bedlington Steps to Respectability, Usefulness and Happiness

There is no-one more in need of the advice and wisdom of a mature and impossibly cute Bedlington, than a dog about to enter upon the trying duties and responsibilities of active park life. And so, I take it upon myself to help guide that dog on the right path to the best zoomies, to point out the temptations of squirrels that will beset their pathway, and the curious mystery of humans who do not like dogs. If I can bring any wisdom to bear upon an otherwise challenging experience, then I will be delighted. And so, I take it upon myself to encourage dogs towards a life of honesty, sociability, and good treats management through my “Bedlington Steps to Respectability, Usefulness, and Happiness” because such dogs will be of their greatest value to the world and, most importantly, to the dog park.


Here I gather my thoughts in this series of steps to happiness. If it achieves my humble ambition, if it assists young dogs, and rescue dogs, and dogs inexperienced in the better things in life, if it drops but a single piece of nourishing wisdom into the minds and hearts of its readers, then I will be a very happy little Bedlington.


Yours, the cutest. London, June 2017

Step One

The Value of a Good Pillow

“A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow.” Charlotte Bronte

If a dog cannot relax and feel safe and comfortable at home, then that dog will not be able to feel safe and comfortable in the dog park. So if a dog is going to have the respect and confidence of the community, then that dog will need the respect and confidence of a good human and a good pillow.

The pillow is a good foundation for everything. One cannot go out into the world a happy and confident canine if one does not relax in safety and comfort whilst at home. Happiness takes preparation, gentle humans, … and soft furnishings.


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