Bedlington Steps to Happiness

The Principles and Purposes of Park Life

Huw Le Lytle’s …

Bedlington Steps to Respectability, Usefulness and Happiness

Step Two

The Principles and Purposes of Park Life

“The parks are the lungs of London” William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, 1808

“The trees are the heart of park life” Huw Le Lytle, The Cutest, 2017

The young dog cannot fail to acknowledge the wisdom of sniffing as a path to enlightenment and preparation for the unpredictability and social pressures of park life.

It is essential to commence any foray into park life with the forethought of a thorough olfactory appraisal of the surroundings. One must prepare for the temptations and obstacles that may cloud one’s path. One must thoughtfully and carefully observe and learn from the smells of others. For in these smells are contained the honest and complete records of park life.

IMG_1400This preparation is best commenced at the first tree, beyond which everyone must necessarily pass. The first tree cultivates the character of park life. Here is where park life begins, and one may detect all the adversities and uncertainties, as well as discover the tantalising wisdoms and attractions that lie ahead. The first tree, together with all of its first smells, opens any young dog’s eyes to the wonder that unfolds before them.

Thus, the young dog is prepared in the principles by which the park is governed, the moral compass of that first tree. One must never rush the sniff of that first tree, the landmark of park life, the guide for one’s conduct. For this is the necessary preparation for park life and all that dwell within it. Take time to consider the sniff, or the roll, or the pause, and immerse yourself in a moment of rapt attention. For these are the essential elements to living park life properly.

It is easy for the young and inexperienced to neglect the importance of reflecting upon their park life. But these essential moments of practical observation are more than the sound preparation for park life. They are the duties of park life. Indeed, these moments encompass the pursuit of knowledge that is the path to true happiness in the park and in life.

And so, I apply this sense of purpose to every visit. And, dear reader, be forewarned that one cannot be too ambitious in one’s goals. I make it my mission to visit as many trees as I can find, identify as many smellies as I can, and attend to my correspondence with all previous and future visitors. When it comes to park life, I am a better and wiser Bedlington for my attention to the effluvious details of every visit.

And in observing and reflecting, one also has the opportunity to add the nourishment of another message, one’s own impression, for others to sniff upon their visit. When I acquire knowledge in the park, I feel it is my moral duty to the fullness of the ambrosia to add all that I have learned as well. I am cultivating the wisdom of the dog park. I am doing social good not only for my own knowledge but also for the knowledge of others. In fact, I am being friendly and respectful. And so I become part of the very social fabric of the dog park and the recollections and reflections and respect of others during their own visits. And I am happier for it.

Sniff deeply, act wisely. Be that Bedlington.


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