That's Jeffervescent!

Invisible Farms

That’s Jeffervescent! By Jefferson Airplane

Remember way back when I did my first That’s Jeffervescent? Well, it was all about gardening. Back then I was discovering it for the first time!

IMG_2087Now, of course, I’m an old hand at gardening. Human says I am a lot like Finnegan when we are gardening. When Human would water the plants or whatever, Finnegan was the only one who was always right there, loving every minute of it. As for everyone else, well, they like to garden from the comfort of their sofa. Finnegan would always like to spend all day in the garden with Human, if he could. He loved the hose, he loved the mud, he loved splashing in water … just like I do!

My garden is kind of like a farm. Although it is a farm where we don’t grow any food for ourselves. We grow food (and build housing) for the birds and the bees and the insects and the IMG_3599worms. We’ve even made a green roof. And we provide food and housing for the spiders and the squirrels and any other wildlife that might turn up to be part of our “livestock”.

And we like trees. I think ours is the only back yard in the row with trees. Which means ours is the only back yard with lots of birds. But don’t get me started about the birds. Most of them I don’t mind, but some are just so big and ridiculous. And when I say some, I mean Wood Pigeons. When I see a Wood Pigeon, sometimes I just can’t stop telling it to get down on the ground like the rest of us giants. Just like airplanes, I don’t know how Wood Pigeons get off the ground. And it makes me so nervous seeing them up there. Like an accident waiting to happen.

IMG_3674And I have discovered that I quite like to dig. But I have my favourite spot. I don’t dig anywhere else. Just in my spot. Apparently it is the very same spot where Finnegan liked to dig as a puppy. So I dig my designated digging spot, and then Human refills it, and then I dig it again. It is my own little bit of arable land on our farm.

When it comes to digging, I am a bit like a traditional plough. Gentle, slow, and distracted. Howard, on the other hand, is more like a Rotavator. Straight to the earth’s core! No-one seems to mind though. And it’s good to check the house foundations regularly through a thorough excavation. By the way … you don’t have to dig very far to get to the foundations in a Victorian Terrace!

So that’s our farm … it’s not big, but it’s bountiful!

Digs in the city? That’s Jeffervescent!


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