That's Jeffervescent!

That’s Jeffervescent!

By Jefferson Airplane

Welcome to my very first post in my new daily column!

I’m new to this gig and new to this world, so everything is seen through my enthusiasm, my unique Jeffervescence!

I guess everything I am discovering has been around for a while, but not the way I see it! … If you know what I mean …

For instance, gardening. I didn’t do much of it before I got here. In fact, I didn’t get outside much at all. So this gardening gig is pretty exciting. As far as I can tell, there are no downsides. Gardening involves being with Human (great!), getting wet (awesome!), and snuffling a lot in mud (I use my nose, but Human uses a little metal thing). And even if some plants die, that just creates brand new opportunities for bugs, birds, and me! In fact, there are a lot of benefits they don’t put in the brochures – chasing and crunching dried leaves, helping collect sticks for the insects and birds, staring at bugs, and plane spotting.

And you don’t even need a whole garden. I am sure that I could achieve just as much mess if you give me a garden on a balcony or indoors.

Gardening is awesome! And is always best enjoyed muddy!

That’s Jeffervescent!


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