That's Jeffervescent!

The Paper Chase

That’s Jeffervescent! – By Jefferson Airplane


A couple of days ago we had a big food delivery for the kitties and us. Apart from the delicious things inside the boxes, I discovered a new and impossibly wonderful toy – packing paper.

Packing paper is big, brown, and brilliant. And playing doesn’t just sound good on paper, I put it to the test!

First, there is the general grabbing and chasing of the paper. This can include dragging it around the house, lying on it, tossing it in the air, or just sitting on it and grinning at it.

But then, the climax of the paper chase is the shredding. And oh what a joyous caper that has turned out to be! Noisy, messy, and Jeffervescent! Perfect!

And paper shredding can also be a community event. I have found that the kitties are equally interested in participating in my paper-shredding shenanigans. So it has turned out to be a very important team-building exercise as well. And they have even diversified the paper chase, starting on the cardboard boxes as an advanced event. In fact, Human thinks I may be part cat because of my love of chewing up cardboard boxes and climbing inside paper bags.

I have decided that I am not just perfect in life. I am perfect on paper!


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