That's Jeffervescent!

Plastic Fantastic!


That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane

This is a plastic box.

It is technically not Tupperware, as that is a very specific plastic box. This box is from Ikea … you know, the place we go to buy those giant blue bags (the stuff inside the bags is just collateral damage).

Anyway, I love these plastic boxes. I am not sure whether it is the promise of what might be inside them, or just the box itself. But, either way, thinking inside and outside the box, in all directions they are marvellous. I have managed to retire just one though, as Human is onto my game.

But I love plastic boxes. I love the drumming sound when I thump them, I love that they can bounce about all crookedly, and I love rolling on my back and tossing them in the air. I think toy manufacturers should really design such a plastic box toy for dogs.

Speaking of which, I have thousands of ideas for toy manufacturers. For instance, how about a toy that you can take apart into six pieces and then put back together again? So far my design team has managed the first part but we can’t work out how to get the second part. But we are working on it. Oh my goodness, we are working on it so hard! You wouldn’t believe the number of toys we have been taking apart, trying to perfect our design. We are captains of industry!

And as for the humble plastic box … well, I know one day I am going to find the one with the cheese in it.

A box that’s plastic, that’s fantastic! And that’s Jeffervescent!


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