That's Jeffervescent!

Sweeten the Pot!

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane

This is a yoghurt pot.

But I like to think of it as a genius food delivery mechanism and outstanding toy all in one. It really is a marvel of modern design technology!

You see, a yoghurt pot is my definition of a happy meal. I get to lick out the yoghurt and then chase around the empty pot with Howard afterwards. So I get my meal and my toy! After we have chased it around the house like a football, I like to carry it around with me for a while. And then I like to settle down to take off the paper label. And then I like to squash the pot. But just as I am starting to shred it, Human always suggests that maybe I would like to play with something else instead, and then picks up the scraps and puts them in the recycling bin. So the toy doesn’t last forever, but it’s recyclable, so it’s all marvellous!

So, it really is a genius invention. The food comes ready wrapped in a toy! Why doesn’t everyone think of this!? Well, on that point, I have lots of great ideas. I think there could be a whole range of toy foods, or food toys (I need to work on the name, maybe). Instead of that white stuffing in soft toys, we could fill them with string cheese! And if I can find a treat that squeaks I could really go to town on those squeaky toys. I think this is so much better than peanut butter in an old tyre, don’t you agree?

Actually, thinking about it, maybe we could just put food in lunch boxes. Because lunch boxes are great fun too. Yes, maybe just do that.

But, of course, the yoghurt pot will always be the best.

The yoghurt pot? That’s Jeffervescent!


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