That's Jeffervescent!

Jeff in the Meal-Tub

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane

These are dried mealworms.

Sound delicious, don’t they? They are in fact for the birdies, not for me, but it is really the tub that I am interested in. A good round meal. I love grabbing plastic tubs and running around and away and back again with them. Occasionally the tub in question makes it through this ordeal. More often than not it does not. So this means that quite a bit of the recycling each week gets Jeffervesced before making it into the collection bin.

Anyway, I was really rather proud of my apprehension of the tub of dried meal worms. But Human asked for them back, suspecting that the hole that I was making in the bottom would leave a trail of mealworms all around the house, a bit like Hansel and Gretel and their bread crumbs. But in Hansel and Gretel the birds ate their crumbs, so I reassured Human there would be no mess. But I guess Human didn’t want a house full of Robins.

So, the tub of mealworms has been safely restored to the shelf for the next surprise ambush by the Jeff in the meal-tub!

A tub full of worms? That’s Jeffervescent!


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