That's Jeffervescent!

From Pillow to Blog Post

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane

If there’s one thing we all love in this house, it’s pillows. Oh, and ribbies. But this is about pillows.

Dogs really need their pillows, which is why our doggy den (aka TV room) is stuffed with them.

Pillows are amazing. They are so important that there are pillow books and even movies. Pillows are the soft and squishy fabric of society.

They are so amazing they even have an extra name … cushion. They probably need several names because pillows are so versatile. Obviously, they provide comfort. But they do so much more. They are the genuine item when it comes to multifunctional things.

They provide shock absorption during crazy games.

They can be used as harmless missiles during silly hour.

They are super springboards for sofa zoomies.

They can be used to build a pillow fort.

They can be excellent tug toys. And then … excellent chew toys. And then … snow for under the Christmas tree.

They provide a variation on the “Who’s Under the Blanket?” game, offering hours of entertainment for losing and finding ribbies, squeaky balls … and me.

And best of all, they are great for snuggles.

A pillow for your thoughts? That’s Jeffervescent!

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