Be That Dog

Where’s Bullwinkle?

By Huw Le Lytle

Where’s Bullwinkle?

Today is a year since Finnegan left us. Finnegan and I were such a team, we were always known as Rocky and Bullwinkle. Finnegan gave me such confidence when I needed it most, having come from a very sad situation before I was rescued. But I don’t want to be sad. I want to think about all the things Finnegan has achieved in this past year.

What do I mean?

Well, he inspired Leo and Aubrey and me to start Be That Dog in his memory. When the awful diagnosis came, we thought if anyone could beat the odds, it would be our Finnegan. And he so wanted to be that dog. It became our most important mantra. Be that dog!

He fought so hard. He loved Dr Fabulous, he loved going for chemo. He almost became a member of staff at the vet, even giving the humans a tour of the facilities. He really did. He walked around, off-lead, like a showroom model, while Dr Fabulous explained all the different rooms and facilities. Finnegan was a legend.

He gave us silly hour, he dreamed of his doggy castle. He inspired us all to be that dog, regardless of size, breed, or hairstyle. And we now have friends who have met us and each other all because of Finnegan. Finnegan made a family of the whole world.

But I don’t want to remember the end, I want to remember what he gave us. I want to know about Finnegan’s future!

So what has Finnegan been a part of this year? Well, we have launched Be That Dog, we’ve maintained our passion for cheese and ribbies, we observe silly hour every evening (and almost every other hour as well), we’ve adopted more kitties, and then we adopted Jeff, and then we adopted Howard. It is not quite a doggy castle, more a doggy house-share, but you know we are always working on it! Finnegan loved everyone, and we’d love to provide a place for as many of those in need of love as we can. So Finnegan is still making family.

And what about Rocky? Well, after Finnegan went on his way, I never played as much. And when I lost Leo as well, I really lost a part of me, and I got very quiet indeed. So Human adopted two kittens for me, and I cheered up quite a lot. But everyone still kept saying, “poor Huw,” “all bemused,” or worse, “poor old Huw”! But I’m not tired, I’m not sad, I’m just reflecting. I’ve just been thinking, and watching this first year pass, and taking my time. They say time is a great healer, but they also say time works wonders. And I think this is important. One of the most important things to have around dogs is patience. I always like to take my time and come at things my own way. And sure enough, time has worked wonders. And that’s what I want to remember, all the strength and courage and patience and love that Finnegan had for everything. Finnegan was a wonder.

Howard has just arrived, you might say just in the nick of time, and I am honestly playing like a puppy again. I’m joining in the zoomies with an enthusiasm no-one has seen in a long while. I have my confidence back! Howard met us by accident, and what a fortuitous accident that was.

Where’s Bullwinkle?

He’s right here.

If you would like to donate in Finnegan’s memory to the Animal Health Trust Canine Lymphoma Research, please visit Just Giving. All funds go directly to the Animal Health Trust Canine Lymphoma Research programme. At the time of publication he has raised £2840 towards this vital research.

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