That's Jeffervescent!

Lovely Weather for Ducks

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane



This is a Croc shoe. As far as I can tell they are highly controversial as footwear, but incredibly wonderful as a chew toy.

Human says that, while they may be ugly, they are very handy at the back door for a quick garden exit. I think they are also handy at the back door for a quick chew.

And in my latest chew I discovered something else. I can’t believe this hasn’t been publicised earlier, because I don’t think many people know … a Croc shoe makes a wonderful duck bill!

This has opened up many opportunities for me as a duck or maybe a duck-billed platypus or a duckbilled fish or a duckbilled eel. Who knew there were so many things with Croc shoes on their heads!? There was even a duckbilled dinosaur!

So we now have a duckbilled terrier. Now if I could just sort out some flippers I would be all set, because the weather forecast for London this weekend is rain, rain, rain.

A shoe as a bill on a dog as a duck? That’s Jeffervescent!




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