That's Jeffervescent!

Give It Some Stick

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane

As you may have seen, we are having a bit of a heatwave in London. So I have been having some fun in my plastic bottle pit, temporarily repurposed as a pond.

But it’s important, when having a pond-formerly-plastic-bottle-pit in the backyard, that you remember the birdies. Sometimes little birdies pop in for a bath and can’t get out. So we leave a bit of a branch and things in it, just in case, so they can climb on a stick if they get stuck. I love the birdies.

And it turns out that these things are also fun toys. I don’t chew them, mind you. Once again, Human questions my wisdom on that front. But I can swirl the water, bob the bottle, tangle the leaves, all with just one stick! That’s a terrier for you … we are the Bear Grylls of the dog world when it comes to discovering toys.

That Bear Grylls has done all right for himself. I confess, I don’t like his shows and so I don’t watch them. But he has some high profile friends. He’s been skydiving in the Catskill Mountains with Zac Efron, who is the proud adopter of a rescue pup, Chappelle. And he’s ventured in the Utah Canyon with James Marsden, who of course starred in that outstanding film, Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. Now I just have to line up enough celebrities for NBC to buy “Running Wild with Jefferson Airplane”. Basically every episode would be a celebrity running around with me doing zoomies in the park. I think it would be amazing.

Or maybe I could go old school and be more like MacGyver. I’ve heard there’s a new MacGyver coming out this year. I wonder if any of his inventions will include the use of everyday things as dog toys. I can give him some pointers.

Making the old new again? That’s Jeffervescent!


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