That's Jeffervescent!

A Chicken and Jeff Situation

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane


Well, the chicken came first, but the Jeff made her famous.

This wooden chicken usually lives upstairs in the front room. It is an odd sort of chicken as she has prosthetics. Instead of legs she has wheels. And her wooden wings don’t seem to work as she has been fitted with a string to drag her along. She’s no spring chicken, she never says much, she’s distinctly chicken-hearted and wooden, but she has the most beautiful felt comb.

I guess I always go for the underdog, because this chicken has won my heart. I guess I just want to be up with the chickens. No matter how many times she goes home to roost, I manage to retrieve her and bring her downstairs to my staging area – the rug. Human hears me crashing down the stairs with her, and then I sit on the rug and watch tele with her.

I don’t chew her or harm her, I just like to sit with her. I think it’s important to appreciate what you have. Just look at me, one day I’m in rescue and the next day I’m in a family with Aubrey and Huw!

As the saying goes, one day it’s chicken and the next day feathers. But for me, every day now is chicken!

Chicken-hearted? That’s Jeffervescent!

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