That's Jeffervescent!

Coathangers are Sublime

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane


There is a magic cave in the house, full of the most wonderful things. There are sleeves to drag and pull, coattails to ride upon (very fun), paper bags to shred, shoe boxes to crunch, and … best of all … coathangers!

I have discovered that coathangers can be made of different things – wire (although I have never, ever seen one, so that may be an urban legend), wood (although I’m told they take up too much room), and the gold standard of all coathangers, at least as far as I’m concerned … plastic!

Now thereby hangs a tale! Plastic coathangers are amazing. They are just begging to be chewed. Some are better than others, of course. Not all hangers are cut the same. My preference so far is flatter plastic hanger. But I am willing to try them all to make sure.

But for some reason, once again, Human doesn’t think I am making good life choices. And often the hanger is swapped for some tissue paper, or a paper bag, or a cardboard box if I’m really lucky. As far as I can tell, coathangers are a precious commodity around here. Human’s affection for the plastic ones, in particular, is something to behold. And some people even present Human with gifts of coathangers. So my guess is that coathangers must be the basis for some sort of cultural tradition. Maybe it’s a gesture if you want to hang with someone?

So maybe when Human takes my coathanger it’s because Human wants to hang with me.

Well, in that case … That’s Jeffervescent!

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