That's Jeffervescent!

Don’t Fence Me In

That’s Jeffervescent! – By Jefferson Airplane


As you know, I am quite a fan of gardening. And now I think I will stretch my talents to building.

Last night, Human could hear me making quite a bit of noise in the Kit Kat Club as I tried to drag something into my staging area (the rug in the middle of the room).

Human assumed I was collecting one of the big soft toys that populate the Kit Kat Club. But, oh no. I was getting a roll of fencing wire!

That’s right, there was a roll of fencing wire waiting to go into the front garden (aka Pryde Park). But when I saw this big roll I immediately thought, that’s Jeffervescent!

Rolls of fencing wire are amazing! This one has a rather exciting looking wrapping, as well as paper (and you know I love paper), and it is shaped like a giant ribbie (if you use some poetic licence).

So I decided it was the toy for me. As for getting it where it needed to be, it was a bit like one of those truck pulling contests … a tiny terrier at one end of a huge roll of wire, grunting with joy as I dragged it to the rug.

So, there I was, sitting on the fence, and Human suggested that perhaps this wasn’t my best plan. And the roll of fencing wire was taken away and replaced with a stripey monkey.

I guess Human is right. I am, after all, a very friendly terrier. I’m not one to build fences. And I would certainly never argue with anyone, let alone a fence post. So perhaps I should leave the fences alone, and build bridges instead.

But one thing is for sure, and that’s my super-terrier strength! That’s Jeffervescent!

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