That's Jeffervescent!

Jeff Goes to the Movies!

That’s Jeffervescent! – By Jefferson Airplane



I am really quite fond of television.

I find it so entertaining! Of course, when I watch it I like to throw myself into it completely with all my Jeffervescence.

I’m told that, when I’m really into something and I start Jeffervescing (it really is only when a dog has all the dialogue, if I’m honest), it’s like watching TV with someone who keeps talking back at the action, or asking lots of questions, or narrating what is going to happen next. But what I’m actually saying is, “Finally! A soundtrack using a real dog bark”, because fake barks never make me bark, and “By the way, why doesn’t the bark match what that dog is doing?” I think my feedback is fair enough. I have a real appetite for ribbies and cinéma vérité.

That said, when it comes to television, my interests are quite wide. I like everything from cartoons, to house programmes, to experimental cinema.

But my favourite so far must be Hotel for Dogs. It’s a movie all about rescue dogs!

I love this film. I cheer at the screen, I marvel at the inventions, and the message is so wonderful and clear … Human, we simply must adopt more dogs!

Anyway, this film is so exciting and stars an amazing dog … a very charming Jack Russell Terrier called Cosmo. And you know what!? Cosmo is a rescue dog in real life!

Since being rescued, Cosmo has made a very distinguished career for himself, starring also in another cinematic classic, Paul Blart: Mall Cop. I tried to find out more about Cosmo’s other movies on IMDB, but they don’t have pages for dogs! Can you believe it?! Internet land, we need a movies database for dogs! Urgently!

So what do I think of dogs starring in movies?

That’s Jeffervescent!


Hotel for Dogs (2009), Thor Freudenthal (dir)

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