That's Jeffervescent!

Hair of the Dog

That’s Jeffervescent! – By Jefferson Airplane



Today, Huw got a haircut.

And I helped as much as I possibly could.

The best thing is that Huw gets a home haircut, as he prefers to be able to watch the tele and sit on the sofa during the process. So this means that Huw also gets an audience. Namely me.

Everyone else has no interest. But I cannot understand this, as clearly haircuts are some of the most exciting events ever.

There are things that buzz, combs to chew, and hair everywhere! So you can see where I am coming from … amazing!

Anyway, I helped as best I could. I sat on Huw, I chewed his ears, I chased hair, and I carried around combs. I was such a good assistant, because I anticipated everything Human might need and then carried it away, for safe-keeping.

But the hair is the best part. You see, I am working on making another terrier. Here is my plan. Huw produces quite a lot of hair, which needs trimming regularly because, unlike the kitties, it doesn’t fall out everywhere. So this means it is readily available for my “Tailor-A-Terrier” workshop at Hamleys Toy Store.

So, my main mission during any haircut is to grab all the hair I can find and run away with it. I am very good at this, so I should have another terrier tailored in no time at all.

Huw’s haircut? That’s Jeffervescent!

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