That's Jeffervescent!

Leaf Matter

That’s Jeffervescent! – By Jefferson Airplane



This evening I was once again helping Human with the garden, this time on the roof.

I love playing on the roof. We even have zoomies up there every evening (Human says it sounds like we are on roller skates as we run backwards and forwards).

The roof is rather fun. You can see a lot of sky, watering makes wonderful puddles, and the breeze is always bigger.

The breeze is great because it carries so many wonderful things with it – the winds of change, the scents of mystery, and … best of all … leaves!

There is not much that is quite as wonderful as an old dry leaf when the trees turn over new ones! I chase them, I catch them, I crunch them. It is so much fun and gives me such a sense of achievement at the same time!

Humans have some funny ideas about achievements. They say things like “no pain, no gain”. But they also say it is not work that kills, but worry. But if you worry too much about trying something, you won’t try it at all! So I think humans are caught up in a bit of a dilemma.

So I say, don’t worry, be happy, and just chase that leaf!

I love the roof. And very importantly, so far I have never seen Tina up there …

That’s Jeffervescent!

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