That's Jeffervescent!

Memory Gain

That’s Jeffervescent! – By Jefferson Airplane


Today, Human took me on a short adventure.

First, I had to stop for a lot of cuddles from a couple of gentlemen sitting on a seat who were most enchanted with my Jeffervescence.

Then we went to a favourite local vintage store. I wasn’t quite sure what this vintage thing meant – but that might be because it’s all about something memorable.

Now, I don’t have a whole lot of memories yet, and some of the ones before I got here aren’t even so good, but I’m working on piling a lot of good memories on top. But it’s not about burying them. I think of it as a bit like fertilizing the garden. And you all know I do love my gardening! Anyway, when you fertilize the garden you get a bit of something that isn’t so good and you make it a lot better by piling a lot of good stuff on top. And then the not so good stuff actually rots away and in its place you get wonderful plants! And a lot of happy bugs and worms. I’m actively cultivating the bad into something good!

So that’s what I’m doing.

Anyway, back to the vintage store. You won’t believe who was there! Tina! (You can see her behind me in the photo). She’s now following me with her steely, relentless gaze. She too is bewitched by my Jeffervescence. Thankfully, I had so much to think about and so many new smells that I took it all in my stride. I’ve been playing it cool. So I guess now she finds me irresistible. Humans are so unspeakably weird. Especially the ones that live in paintings.

We looked around and saw lots of lovely things and we got a groovy stand thingy. Human says it’s for pots, or books, or something, but I think it looks like more kitty beds. More kitties?! That would be Jeffervescent!

But the most awesome bit is that I got lots of cuddles from the manager who told me to make sure I come back soon. Yes, that’s right, I’m in with management!

So what do I think about going shopping? That’s Jeffervescent!


She’s looking at me again, isn’t she!? … Yet another encounter with Tina!

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