That's Jeffervescent!

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That’s Jeffervescent – By Jefferson Airplane


This morning I made a startling discovery. I don’t know how he has been getting away with it or for how long, but there is a terrier living in the draper’s cupboard drawers in the room with the big bed. The drawers are glass so I could see him in there clear as the nose on my own face!

It seems that this terrier has been able to get by without being discovered by Aubrey and Huw and even the kitties. But not me!

There I was, lying on the bed, minding my own business, and suddenly, out of nowhere, there was the terrier … staring right back at me from the cupboard! It was unmistakeable. We were face to face.

I barked! But it was like he could anticipate my every move, because he barked at exactly the same time!

I had a couple of advantages, however. First, my bark seemed to drown his out (his mouth was moving but I couldn’t hear anything over my own bark). It was almost as though he was barking on the wrong side of his face!

And secondly, he lives in a cupboard. The door is, quite literally, shut in his face.

So that got me thinking, perhaps we should invite him to come and stay. Another terrier!? Well, that puts a whole new face on the matter! …

That would be Jeffervescent!


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