That's Jeffervescent!

This is Tina

That’s Jeffervescent! By Jefferson Airplane


This is Tina.

Tina lives in a painting, or so she would like me to believe.

Tina apparently also appeared in a movie – something to do with oranges and clocks I think. I don’t know for sure, I was thinking about ribbies when we were having that conversation.

Tina and I have a difficult relationship. She can sit up there on the wall for days on end, and then suddenly she will catch me with a look, and I will have to tell her off. But I stand my ground, which usually ends up in Tina facing the wall for a little while. But who knows what goes on back there!

I am not sure why Tina and I don’t see eye to eye whenever we see eye to eye. But I think it is her relentless staring. Whenever I catch her looking at me, then it is on! She simply won’t look away!

I suspect, with that kind of tenacity, Tina must be some kind of terrier.

But I am thinking that maybe I should take my talents in art appreciation on the road. Can you imagine what I could achieve in the National Portrait Gallery?! Everything would be facing the wall!

That’s Jeffervescent!



JH Lynch, “Tina” (1961)


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