My Wolfram Friend

by Aubrey Beardsley, for W

Today, all of a sudden, we are facing the grief of losing a very special pal. He left so quickly, he barely had time to say goodbye.

His initial is W. And there is something very intriguing about this, because W is also the chemical symbol for tungsten. Tungsten is a rare metal, very rare indeed. And it is lustrous, genuinely luminous. And perhaps most special of all, it is found in the mineral wolframite, which is why it is also called wolfram. And what could be more tungsten than our rare, radiant and charismatic wolfram friend?

He is a rare pal, and I say is, not was, because we cannot lose him. Not really. He has made his impression, and everywhere he has left his tungsten sparkle.

Tonight, all our twinkly lights are on and sparkling for our tungsten friend. But I’m pretty sure if we look up and around us and look really carefully, we will see that the brightest light still comes from our pal. And that’s a light that will never go out, as long as we will continue to celebrate and remember his wolfram ways. We will miss him, and that is why we remember him.

So tonight, be a little wolfram. Celebrate, sparkle, cuddle your dogs, snuggle your humans, and remember W. He will love it.

A life well lived and a hound well loved.

A little bit of wolfram sparkle from W, his last and loving message to us. We will miss you dear friend!

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